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Who is Guillotine Life?

Guillotine Life promotes the lifestyle of going for what you want, winning fast, and loosing fast. We design every single product in our catalogue ourselves with this motto in mind: cut to the chase.

The Self Promises of a "Guillotine"

  • Know Yourself

    Have the responsibility to be yourself unapologetically.

  • Be Bold

    Dare to dream and have clear personal goals.

  • Go For It

    Have a cut to the chase approach to goals and life where you win fast and lose fast.

  • Pay it foward

    Do and/or give what you can. Aim for increasing your positive impact in the world.

product Collections

  • For You

    Be true to yourself, so you can be your best self. Come see how Guillotine Life can help.

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  • Social

    Guillotine Life was founded on growing social skills. Come take a look at our Dating Cards to see if they can help you become a better "Guillotine"!

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  • Table Top Gaming

    From Tabletop Gamer to Tabletop Gamer, come see the accessories Guillotine Life has to level up your sessions!

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Guillotine Life Guarantees

  • Quality design

    Each product is designed in collaboration with a passionate end user to solve real problems.

  • Pay it foward

    Every year, we pledge to donate a percentage of our revenue to charities. Find out more

new tabletop products have arrived!


Have you ever wished you could have your dice at your side? 


Great news, you can now! With our custom dice bags you will be able to carry your dice around you with ease! 

Our bags are made of a heavy cotton cloth that is durable and should last you a lifetime. Each back is equipped with an S-Clip (carabiner) to make hanging it from your belt, pants, bag a breeze. 



  • Size: 7in W x 8in L
  • S-Clip (carabiner) included
  • Custom Logo
  • Place to store tons of dice? YES!
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