Why "Guillotine"?

During the course of her life, our now CEO, Berthyves, grew tired of the limbo, mutual wasted time, and false hope that often comes with dating.

As a result, she developed a cut-throat dating style through which she found her now husband.

Funny story: while they were still dating, her now husband half-jokingly called her a "Guillotine" because of how fast she cut people off of her dating pool.

This inspired us to launch GUILLOTINE LIFE as a win fast lose fast lifestyle brand.

"Guillotine Dating"

Guillotine Dating is a way of dating where one firmly decides what they are looking for, and plays the number game while being politely honest about their intent.

If you are intrigued by terms below, you might enjoy our dating series blog.

  • "dating contract",
  • "dealbreaker conversations",
  • "dating with purpose"
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Conversation Starters

After marriage, Berthyves realized how truly unique her dating story was. So she decided to design a conversation starter game called "Guillotine Dating" to help others reach their own dating goals (what ever they might be). Guillotine Life's Social collection was born.

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guillotine life Guarantees

  • Quality Design

    Every item in our store is co-designed by a passionate end user to solve real problems.

  • Giving Back

    Every year, we pledge to donate a set parentage our revenue to charities. Find out more

The "WHY" behind our collections

  • Self Help

    We believe that an essential step in every journey is being aware of and okay with who we are inside. Items in the For You collection are designed for self help, comfort, healing, and self awareness

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  • Social Relationships

    A great milestone in our live is establishing who we are for others and vice versa. Items in the Social collection are designed to nurture meaningful relationships.

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  • Tabletop Gaming

    The Tabletop collection was developed to support table top gaming as an outlet. We have accessories made by gamers, for gamers.

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