Part 2/5: Expanding Your Dating Pool

Part 2/5: Expanding Your Dating Pool

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After you define your purpose, the next crucial step is to give yourself the best possible chances to find what you want. This means expanding your search scope as much as possible and playing the number’s game. Make sure you cast a wide net for your search (the wider the better). Below are some non-exclusive steps you can take to broaden your horizon.

2.1 - Be the best version of yourself

One way to attract more quality matches is to be more true to yourself because this makes you more attractive. People in this world find all sorts of different things attractive, so this is a very subjective exercise. So think about the ways in which you can shine the most. There are Sapiosexuals who are attracted to intelligence, Demi-Sexuals whose sexual attraction grow with emotional bond (like me), people who find business acumen to be sexy (like my fiance), and those who find physical fitness the sexiest. What about you is the most attractive? Where ever you choose to shine, don’t be lukewarm about it, be bold and genuine!

2.2 - Challenge your self imposed barriers

Do you only date people within a certain community, age range, height range, race, or something else? If so, why? Again, this is still a conversation with yourself, nobody has to know about this. Be honest, and blunt. Take some time to quietly challenge your self imposed restrictions. Some might be very necessary to maintain, others could be discarded. Don’t get me wrong, you are entitled to your preferences; just know that every single one you hold on to will reduce your dating pool. It all depends on what you want and how much you’re willing to adjust.

2.3 - Try online dating

Remember that we’re trying to cast the widest net we can! Online dating can be a life saver for introverts. If you resist this idea, know that you’re not alone. Soon we will have a section dedicated to how we also resisted online dating. I will personally talk about how I had to fight mental blocks, social stigmas, and cultural taboos to finally give it a try. I will also share tips on how I made it feel safer and worthwhile. For now, Read our (subjective) review of various dating apps.

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