Part 3/5: Asking The Right Questions

Part 3/5: Asking The Right Questions

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With a dating purpose in mind and the widest dating pool available to you, you are now ready to use our favorite dating tool: important questions.

Why ask questions?

The core purpose of Guillotine dating is to find someone that fits your dating profile for your dating purpose. Without questions, you get together prematurely and stay together, hoping that somewhere down the line, you discover how compatible you happen to be. Unless you’re a lucky human, this is wishful thinking. We suggest asking important questions early to avoid making fatal assumptions and wasting each other’s time. 

What to ask

It’s important to ask questions pertinent to your dating purpose. Find out if they have a dating purpose and understand what they are looking for in a mate. Ask about their “must haves” and deal breakers and share what yours are. If there is something very important to you that wasn’t well received by exes or other potential mates, that’s a good starting point! For example: “I am looking for a lifelong domestic partner and I don’t believe in marriage, is this something you’re potentially open to if we get that far?”. 

How to ask

The point of asking questions is to determine *if* you are compatible with each other, given who you are, who you are looking for, and what your dating purpose is. It’s important to make your intent clear while asking your questions. Otherwise you risk leading people on or coming off as creepy or needy. The best way to avoid issues is to explain that you’re trying the Guillotine Dating style and explain what it is. Furthermore, try to keep your questions neutral and avoid talking about the two of you as a definite couple.

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